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The essentials of great customer support

If there’s something that HP has always been proud of is our great customer support; with essential ethics and principles that are oriented to our customers, we’ve developed a service that exceeds expectative and goes further than simple technical knowledge.

But what exactly comprehend the essentials of a great customer support? As we said, there’s much more than simply product-knowledge, even though that is also indispensable. If you’re interested in knowing how our technical support has become so good and renowned, then keep reading.

Formidable website

Way before clients even get to your customer support, they’re going to search your company online. In that sense, they will be searching for your website to see if they can solve their problem there first, instead of having to call you.

Also, if they actually need to communicate with a technical, chances are they’re going to look for the contact number or address on your site too. Finally, many support calls are about curiosity on products, and therefore, having useful on your website is essential. Clear and direct information, as well as a good organization and friendly interface, are the first essential of a great customer support.

No extra charges

If a client has a problem with a defective product, the worst thing you can do is charging them for getting the solution. If a customer finds out that you’re adding extra fees for providing support, the chances are that they will try to solve the problem by turning up to the internet or an external service.

While this might not sound like a problem for you, it will definitely create a discomfort in the user who will feel like they’ve been taken advantage of. This discomfort will, in turn, lead to bad reviews, bad comments and the loss of the client. Besides, charging your clients for solving problems they didn’t cause on products they have already paid for is unethical.

Of course, it’s logical that some special fees could be applied to solve some specific problems, but that may depend on the case and always be charged ONLY and AFTER the problem was really solved.

24/7 availability

We’re in the age of internet and having a technical support that’s only available some hour-a-day is out of the question. In HP we believe that customers time is really important and, if they’re losing time because of a problem they can’t solve because the company is not available, that’s the company’s fault.

There are many tools existent today that can help a company to remain online and that represent one of the essentials of a great customer support: availability. Chatbots, call-centers, e-mail and even texting are some of the many ways you can be always online to solve your clients’ problems. 

Avoiding as many mistakes as possible

Being perfect is impossible, of course, but avoiding problems and mistake is an indispensable part of a support service. Ideally, we are here to solve the client’s problems, not to make them worst. But sadly, many companies incur in several mistakes that neglect of their customers. 

These mistakes can usually be prevented by hiring qualified staff, but what are those mistakes and what kind of person can avoid them?

Mistreating clients

This is, of course, the worst mistake many companies present on their customer support. They hire young inexperienced employees (thinking about paying less) that have no real interest in helping clients. Therefore, they give excuses and put obstacles for every question or solution the client has. In order to avoid those mistakes, a company should hire people that are willing and with a service-mind.

Lack of knowledge

Sometimes a company may develop and impart an orientation program to their future-employees and once they’ve finished it, automatically hire them. While this is the easiest way to obtain workers, it may also prove to be prejudicial to the company.

Many people are able to pass through courses without actually learning anything. This will result in employees that don’t have the knowledge to solve problems when the client’s call. To solve this problem, it’s better to hire people that are constantly showing interest in learning.

Not closing

Many companies have the problem of not being able to close the service satisfactory. Without a doubt, the ability to hang up the call with a satisfied and reportedly happy customer is an essential of great customer support. Make sure your employees make sure the problem is solved before hanging and also that they can cut to the cheese instead of spending hours before they solve a tiny problem.

Top qualities

As it’s very hard to foresee absolutely every mistake that a person or company can make on customer support, it’s best to reunite the top qualities a company needs on a person. In HP we have very clear what are those qualities and we make sure every one of our employees is a person with:

  • Patience
  • Communication skills
  • Empathy
  • Vocation
  • Listening skills
  • Positive language
  • Ability to react positively
  • Ability to read customers
  • Calming presence

These skills are essential for great customer support service as they guarantee that your clients will have an effective communication with the service and also that they will be lead to a positive response.

Takingcare of yourcustomers

Last but not least, customers are the most important pillar of any company. If a business doesn’t have clients, it doesn’t matter how good their products are, they’re going down. That’s why taking care of your clients is indispensable.

When you hire employees with the abilities we’ve mentioned before, you make sure that they will put their efforts and best energies into giving customers a good experience. Attending a customer is much more the way they feel you treat them that the information you give. 

In this sense, a client whose problem was solved but had to endure a boring tone, disrespectful words or the evident unwillingness of the employee for helping is more likely to give a bad review than a customer that was treated right.of

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