In the event that HP Customer Support is not ready to determine even a solitary issue inside 10 Days (Ten Days) of the membership buy, we will discount full installment made by the client. On the off chance that we settle at least one issues, the charges for the Subscription Service won’t be refundable regardless. Not with standing this HP Customer Support may, at its sole caution and on a case to case premise, consent to a discount of Subscription charges subsequent to deducting expenses for overhauling the Customer.

In case you are not happy with the administration and we have not possessed the capacity to determine even 1 issue with your PC in that month you are qualified for a full discount no inquiries inquired. On the off chance that we’re not ready to settle even one of your PC issues your entire sum would be discounted. On the off chance that we’re ready to settle even one issue you’re not entitled for a total discount. We would deduct at least ($50 or half of the aggregate charged sum, whichever is higher) x number of cases settled by us, and discount back the rest sum. Membership based arrangement: you can request full discount if none of the issues are settled inside 15 days after enrollment. In the event that at least one issues are settled client still needs discount of his/her sum before era specified in the understanding then halfway discount will be done, subsequent to subtracting the administration charge on settled issues.