HP Scan To Email

Scan to Email Cannot Access Email Accounts

For the printers, this document supports scanning from the printer control panel to email. When you add your email account to your printer control panel’s scan to email characteristic, the email server blocks access to your email account and one of the following error messages may look

Gmail wants a further step toward stability. Please verify the security settings in your email online.

  1. The entered email or password is not working. Give it another try.
  2. The SMTP Server does an unsupported authentication process. Try out a different server.
  3. SMTP authentication mess: SMTP server fails to support authentication.
  4. Verify your system administrator or Internet Service Provider for SMTP and DNS server setups.

Setup HP Scan to Email

For security reasons, some email account service providers, such as Google or Yahoo, block access by third-party applications. For detailed steps, go to your email account service provider to enable email access to your email account to scan the characteristic.

All IN One HP Printer Scan to Email

Gmail: Go to access less secure applications to access your account (in English), then follow the on-screen instructions.

Other email accounts: Sign in to your email account from an advanced PC. Go to your account settings, check for authentication, SMTP, or protection, and then follow the on-screen guidance for setting up the email function.

How to do HP Scan to Email Setup?

You’ll receive a ‘Send to Email’ highlight on your printer. With this help, you can scan a document and send it to your email id. Below are the steps to do an HP(high protective) scan in high Windows 10 for email setup. Go carefully by these steps to limit any problems. The steps are helpful and are suggested by able technicians. If this does not work for you, go to HP Printer Service. Experts will assist you with your PC and recommend the safest method to resolve it.

Their Scan to email functions include

  • Set up Scan to E-mail
  • Scan to a network folder
  • Set up Scan to Network Folder
  • Scan to a USB flash drive
  • Scan by using the HP Scan software (Windows)
  • Scan by using the HP Scan software (OS X)

HP Printer Scan to email

To search a file right to an e-mail id, use the product control panel. The file you are scanning is sent to the address as an attachment for email messages.

  1. Place the document according to the product signs onto the scanner panel.
  2. Press the Scan button on the product control panel from the Desktop.
  3. Click the element verify to Email.
  4. Press the item Send an Email.
  5. Select the address you need to use. Usually known as “the outgoing email profile.”
  6. Tap the To button and choose the address or party you want to send the file to. Touch the given upon conclusion.

Press the New and type your email id again to send the message to a different address.

  1. If you want to add a subject line, click the Subject button
  2. Tap the Next button.
  3. The screen in the control panel displays the scan settings.

Touch the Settings button and modify the settings if you want to modify any of the settings.

  • If the setting is right, continue to the next step.
  • To start the scan job touch the Scan button.

Set up Scan to E-mail

The device must be connected to a network to do this scan characteristic. This scan functionality is not ready till after you set it up. Use the Scan to Email Setup Wizard (Windows) which is placed to configure these uses as part of full software installation in the HP(high protective) program group for the product. You may also enable the use of the configure that is characteristic, Embedded Web Server. The guidance here explain how to install the use of the Scan to Email Setup Wizard and Embedded Web Server characteristic

  • Use the email support (Windows) scan
  • Use Embedded Web Server (Windows) to set up the Scan to Email works
  • Set up the Email Scan use on a Mac.

Set up the Scan to Email feature by the HP(high protective) Embedded Web Server (Windows)

  1. Open the HP Embedded Web Server (EWS)
  2. Touch the Connection Information from the desktop on the product control panel then touches the Connected Network button or the Wi-Fi ON Network button. Shows the hostname or IP address.
  3. Open a Web browser and enter your IP address or hostname right the method it is in the address line shows in the control panel of the product. Tap the Enter key on the keyboard for your screen.
  4. Tap the tab “Scan.”
  5. Tap on the Scan to Email Setup connection in the left navigation window.
  6. Tap the new button on the Outgoing Email Profiles page.

Enter the email address and show the name in the Email Address area. Enter the SMTP server address and SMTP port in the SMTP Server Settings area. Port defaults are now entered and needn’t be modified in most cases.

How To Setup Scanning to Gmail

  1. Print your copier’s NIC page.
  2. Open a web browser and enter your IP address got on the NIC page into the address bar at the top of your page.
  3. Tap Network Settings on the left menu
  4. Log in as admin, the default password is…you chose it… admin
  5. Tap Services Settings on the left menu
  6. Tap the SMTP tab at the top
  7. Type the following settings
    1. SMTP Server: SMTP.gmail.com
    2. Reply to Gmail: whatever@gmail.com
    3. Port # 587
    4. Allow SSL
    5. Allow authentication – type a Gmail address and password here
  8. Tap DNS Settings at the top, type your DNS servers here, normally the same as your IP address but with a 1 at the end.

HP Scan to Email Setup not working? Check your HP’s DNS settings

While making IT Support tasks, the top reason we have found that keeps the scan to email characteristic from performance is that there are lost network configuration settings that want to be manually included in the HP. The missing settings are normally the primary or secondary DNS servers. HP refers to this as a Favored DNS Address and Other DNS Address. DNS servers are what support any PC, printer, server, or smartphone to connect over the internet. If you are trying to set up scan to email on an all-in-one device (but of the make and model of the scanner) verify that there is at smallest one DNS server address listed. Without a DNS server being listed, when your HP all in one will not be ready to interact with the internet to send your scan to email.


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