Creeper Virus Removal Support

Creeper Virus Removal Support Services

Creeper Virus is the first commonly recognized computer virus. The very first Creeper created by Bob Thomas at BBN through an experimental self-duplicating program that was intended not to inflict damage on. Creeper infected DEC PDF-10 computers running on TENEX Operating System.

Creeper gained access via ARPANET and therefore it was first malware that run on. The message displayed was “I’m the creeper, catch me if you can!”. A big difference between Creeper Virus and other major viruses was that Creeper erased its older version as it duplicated itself.

How to Stay Safe from Creeper Virus?

A version of Creeper was allegedly created by Ray Tomlinson that could replicate itself move across ARPANET. Another program called Reaper was created to delete Creeper. REAPER was considered the first anti-virus program. Hence you can stay safe from Creeper Virus infecting your computer system.

Symptoms of Creeper Virus Infection

  • Unpredictable behavior of Computer system
  • Computer Performance is sluggish
  • Not responding program and show error messages of the same
  • Spam messages unknowingly being sent from email account
  • Blue Screen errors in Windows
  • Mysterious files and folders

Creeper Virus Removal Support

To get rid of from such warm you need Virus Removal Support Number. You are free to call us anytime of the day and night and get online remote assistance to stay protected from Creeper family.