A lot of business have been wondering about how to choose the best customer support? And that is because people are getting more and more demanding every day. Technology is one of the most important features of the customer support and all the business are always looking for it. Also they are looking for direct and quick communication. That allows to have a good service because the attention becomes fast and personalized, and this will make the clients be happy with the company. Also reducing the time of answer of the agents.

Customer support service: what offers?

HP brings a customer support for every kind of HP’s computer devices. This help is giving by technicians with knowledge and experience in the area. They are capable to solve the problems that might present desktop computers, laptops, printers and others.

With a big crew, every agent is a professional in HP devices and they are always prepared to bring the best service and help through telephone calls. Also the service counts with remote assistance that allows to detect the precise problems and give the correct solutions. Each type of support service is different, because the first one is more personal and the second is more standardized.

What kind of advices have customer support and what kind of advices have remote assistance?


This is a device that you can transport anywhere. You can use it either at your home or either at your job. This type of device has customer support with online agents that will help you to solve your problem. These people are trained to identify every kind of problem. From the little ones to the ones that can make you delete everything you have done in the computer. They will make you save time and money because they knowledge about possible troubles or situations. An engineer will guide you through the computer until your problem gets solved.

In fact, there are some common problems that are well managed by the HP’s customer support team. Bellow you will find a list of these:

  1. Antivirus and system’s security assistance.
  2. Basic assistance to solve problems.
  3. Operative System’s installation assistance.
  4. Help to delete cookies and browsing history in order to increase the efficiency
  5. Help to set up an Internet connection and modem.
  6. Help to install applications in the HP’s laptop
  7. Firewall and security’s set up in the browser
  8. Disk drive assignation set up
  9. Data backup and protection
  10. Set up WiFi for the computer

HP scanners

This type of device also uses the customer support service. The owners of scanners and printers must know the functions of this types of hardware. The technicians offer the best service for a good user’s experience. Because, HP has very good things to offer but you will always need somebody to explain you the different features of the device. They are available for manual installations, basic problems and they work as a step-by-step guide. Some of the reasons to have an issue with scanners is the PC connection. That is why our agents are specialized in this field to help every HP client through the diary calls.

Some service areas of HP are:

  1. Help in backups
  2. Help in color balance, lightness and saturation
  3. Help with the touch screen and work set up
  4. Help in the cloud and with wireless impressions
  5. Generalized help for issue resolution
  6. Connecting the HP scanner to the computer
  7. Controllers set up and recovery
  8. Scanner resolution set up
  9. Total guide for HP scanners installation

HP printers

HP has a variety of printers. All of them already have printing solutions that are constructed and designed with the most advanced technology. Nevertheless, when technical issues appear, it is essential to have a specialist in the field that can bring you his knowledge in the field. That’s for what our agents are made for. They are totally capable to find the problem with your HP printer and also the ideal solution to it. They count with the best installations for giving online technical assistance for these printers. In this way, everything is going to be easier and quick. The purpose of this is to save time and money.

Some of the issues that an HP printer can show are:

  1. Resolving Print jobs stuck in queue
  2. Help for printer controller installation
  3. Help for connectivity and network problems
  4. Help for speed and performance of the printer
  5. Help to solve printer issues
  6. Virus issues with the printer
  7. Compatibility issues with the printer systems
  8. Issues and errors related to the printer

HP tablets

Every owner of an HP tablet can have different problems. Some of them are worried about the tablet efficiency when they are sending emails or just watching to some videos. If they have this kind of problems, they can contact the assistance number in order to solve their problems. This device also counts with remote assistance.

This customer support will bring complete technical assistance to the HP tablets. Also, it counts with repair experts that will know what your tablet will need in each case. They will also know about HP windows. They can be contacted to improve the speed and efficiency of the mentioned devices. In this way, the productivity of the device will increase. Also, different kind of issues are going to be solved.

Some of the areas of HP tablets agents are:

  1. New operative system updates for tablets
  2. Attaching the email to the tablet
  3. Incorporation to Social Media assistance
  4. Tablet performance check
  5. Connectivity and internet support
  6. Deleting browser history and cache
  7. Application installation or application uninstall
  8. Forgot password? Password recovery
  9. Big problems solution and help with set up
  10. Reestablishment of factory information support
  11. Virus security and Internet Security support
  12. Connecting your HP tablet to your PC

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